Please Treat Your Brand Better Than This!


Tishman Speyer | this brand is in the shitter

So some genius over at Tishman Speyer really felt that the ‘out of order’ sign on this urinal needed to be accompanied by the logo of the company (Tishman Speyer). Here are 3 things I took away from this…

1) When you’re putting a plastic bag over the urinal- It already implies that the urinal is out of order.

2) I don’t think any positive associations or outcomes can be expected with the Tishman logo & brand being present on the “out of commission for  weeks” urinal. A simple text only signature at the bottom of the note saying “Management” would have sufficed. Take a cue from social media announcements that are all text.

3) I now associate Tishman Speyer with feces.

4) Ok, I lied I have 4 things to say…Lastly…not to nitpick, but who put up the urinal stall walls? They’re grossly off center.

Keep your brand out of the restroom… Unless that’s your business!