Digital Dread and unplugging.

iPad_MeBuilding a digital business can be rewarding and sometimes stressful.  The weird path of building revenue, getting customers, finding investors, working on product development, finding good people and trying to make ends meet is in and of itself a daunting set of tasks.  Add to that the innate bi-polar nature of being an entrepreneur and artist and this weird compulsion to constantly check your email & socials and it makes for some roller coaster days, where even waking up can be dreadful.

My formula for dealing with this stuff is a carefully measured recipe consisting largely of distraction and denial.  I go see things & do things that make me happy and when I’ve regained perspective and a smile,  I come back to deal with these daily challenges.  And you know what? It’s never as bad when I come back.

What makes it even better is meeting up with people IN PERSON and UNPLUGGING from digital for a bit.  Not in an irresponsible way, but once in a  while just going an hour or two talking to people in your life without constantly checking your iPhone.   Sometimes, it even leads to making a meaningful connection with great possibilities for the future.

My 2 cents.

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