Proud to announce the premiere of The Startup on Funny Or Die!!!

Peter Shinkoda & Parvesh Cheena in The Startup

The Startup Episode 1 on FunnyOrDie.com

The Startup stars Parvesh Cheena (From A to Z, Outsourced), Peter Shinkoda (Falling Skies & Daredevil), Sonal Shah (Scrubs), James Kyson (Heroes), Aurelia Scheppers (Every music video imaginable, Expecting Amish), Linc Hand (42, Revenge), K.Harrison Sweeney (Red Dead Redemption), Zabeth Russell (Mystic River, Suburgatory), Bryan Coffee (The Brink), Julia Carpenter (Mad Men, Life with Zombies), Christopher Meehan (Black Box) and Zach Reino (Non-Stop to Comicon).

Created by Manoj Rao & Dave Conde.
Written by Dave Conde, Manoj Rao & James Giordano
Directed by Darren Denison & Bogdan Orlic

Preview of Teaser Creative for The Startup Sitcom

Checkout some of the teaser creative for The Startup sitcom pilot starring Parvesh Cheena from outsourced and Peter Shinkoda from Falling Skies. Pilot season is coming, looking to make a strong showing!

#MyCoworkerIsAnAsshole, #BringYourSpouseToWorkDay, #FriendOrFoe,

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Media 11:11 produces original content The Startup Sitcom Pilot

Heads up…we’re also in original programming.

Media 11:11 is delivering on helping the “Everyman” get their entertainment ideas made, this time producing the Startup Sitcom Pilot.

We believe that the entertainment world is changing rapidly. Between the traditional networks and hungry digital competitors for original programming like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Studios, YouTube just to name a few, there’s plenty of places and talent interested in projects like this one.

Not just plenty of places, but a lot of good faces too… Name talent. We have Peter Shinkoda from Falling Skies, Parvesh Cheena from Outsourced , James Kyson from Heroes and Sonal Shah from Scrubs. We even have One of the most popular music video models of the last two years in Aurelia Scheppers (The All-American Rejects Kids in the street video and The Champion video by The Chevin).

More outlets to distribute, more things to watch, more work for actors. The future is looking bright, or at least we think so…

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