Mixtape the Comic

Mixtape The Comic #5 Coming Soon to The iBookstore!

Just submitted Brad Abraham’s Mixtape the Comic-#5 to the iBookstore, but it’s already garnering some glowing reviews.


Checkout the blurb:

When a fellow student dies unexpectedly, Jim, Lorelei, Noel, Terry and Siobhan must come to grips with their own mortality, and with the looming end of High School and their time together.  But what they recall of their fallen classmate says more about them than any realize, and forces them to confront the question on everybody’s mind; what song do you want them to play at your funeral?

Brad Abraham’s Mixtape the Comic is coming April 30th to the iBookstore.  Get caught up on the first 4 issues today!

Should we launch on Kindle as well?

Mixtape The Comic- #3

Media 11:11 is proud to announce that Brad Abraham’s Mixtape the Comic is now available on the iBookstore- http://wp.me/p2wdis-D

Our proprietary platform lets us take an author’s work and build the eBook and submit it to Apple or Kindle Direct publishing in less than an hour! Now anyone with a great idea and no publisher can publish on our platform, and the best part is that you keep your ownership rights.  Click on the picture to see our first issue on iTunes!